About Us


The Company

Wood is a living material - warm, beautiful, natural. You want to see the grain, smell the resin, touch the history that is now a part of your home or office. It needs protection. It needs to be armoured against the weather, the sun, the hustle and bustle of the people that come into contact with it.

It needs WoodArmour.

Our manufacturing plant is situated in the north of Johannesburg. Our staff are dynamic professional individuals with 12 years’ experience in the production of wood treatment products. We understand and continually research the wood treatment industry and, with the help of the customer, pin-point problems that need “solving” in their daily workings with wood.


To research and develop solutions that will protect, preserve and decorate wood products, reveal the inner beauty and create warm living and working spaces for all our customers.

Mission Statement

Wood is a living element. Protect and nourish it with WoodArmour. Our main objective is to provide quality wood treatment products, excellent service, a great working environment and, where possible, a platform for training and advancement of staff and social upliftment.